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Pteranodon longiceps by PrehistoricTravel Pteranodon longiceps :iconprehistorictravel:PrehistoricTravel 37 4 Peas by PrehistoricTravel Peas :iconprehistorictravel:PrehistoricTravel 2 0 Medusavenator giganteus by PrehistoricTravel Medusavenator giganteus :iconprehistorictravel:PrehistoricTravel 15 0 Happy Heros OC:Natalie Kirkland(Pochi Kiseake 2) by PrehistoricTravel Happy Heros OC:Natalie Kirkland(Pochi Kiseake 2) :iconprehistorictravel:PrehistoricTravel 5 0 doddle by PrehistoricTravel doddle :iconprehistorictravel:PrehistoricTravel 13 0 Mrs.Carmody (Kisekae 2) by PrehistoricTravel Mrs.Carmody (Kisekae 2) :iconprehistorictravel:PrehistoricTravel 1 1 Pristerognathus vanderbyli by PrehistoricTravel Pristerognathus vanderbyli :iconprehistorictravel:PrehistoricTravel 23 1 Compsognathus longipes by PrehistoricTravel Compsognathus longipes :iconprehistorictravel:PrehistoricTravel 14 1 African Penguin by PrehistoricTravel African Penguin :iconprehistorictravel:PrehistoricTravel 12 1 Meme from Happy Friends S2E025 by PrehistoricTravel Meme from Happy Friends S2E025 :iconprehistorictravel:PrehistoricTravel 1 0 Geosternbergia.WIP by PrehistoricTravel Geosternbergia.WIP :iconprehistorictravel:PrehistoricTravel 3 1 Egypt Cormorant by PrehistoricTravel Egypt Cormorant :iconprehistorictravel:PrehistoricTravel 14 2 Mosasaurus hoffmanni  by PrehistoricTravel Mosasaurus hoffmanni :iconprehistorictravel:PrehistoricTravel 14 0 Stephen King's Pterobuzzard by PrehistoricTravel Stephen King's Pterobuzzard :iconprehistorictravel:PrehistoricTravel 17 1 Lurdusaurus arenatus by PrehistoricTravel Lurdusaurus arenatus :iconprehistorictravel:PrehistoricTravel 17 1 People in disaster movie by PrehistoricTravel People in disaster movie :iconprehistorictravel:PrehistoricTravel 5 0


Killing Bites 2 by rkasai14 Killing Bites 2 :iconrkasai14:rkasai14 72 2 A Sail-Backed Iguanodont by ScottHartman A Sail-Backed Iguanodont :iconscotthartman:ScottHartman 158 58 Ouranosaurus Sitting by gooxen Ouranosaurus Sitting :icongooxen:gooxen 45 17 Ouranosaurus nigeriensis by Christopher252 Ouranosaurus nigeriensis :iconchristopher252:Christopher252 63 5 Spinosaurus aegyptiacus Male Rivalry Speculation by XStreamChaosOfficial Spinosaurus aegyptiacus Male Rivalry Speculation :iconxstreamchaosofficial:XStreamChaosOfficial 37 12 [sod] give me all your love by obaero [sod] give me all your love :iconobaero:obaero 8 7 Jurassic Herbivore enclosure by NordicB3rry Jurassic Herbivore enclosure :iconnordicb3rry:NordicB3rry 13 8 Diatryma-chan by Epic-Nao Diatryma-chan :iconepic-nao:Epic-Nao 13 4 Saurian: Dakotaraptor by jgarza511 Saurian: Dakotaraptor :iconjgarza511:jgarza511 13 4 Execution: Pennywise the Dancing Clown by Mdwyer5 Execution: Pennywise the Dancing Clown :iconmdwyer5:Mdwyer5 6 0 Pennywise by Gooseworx Pennywise :icongooseworx:Gooseworx 892 45 pennywise by likkrrr pennywise :iconlikkrrr:likkrrr 458 15 Battle of the Beasts by HodariNundu Battle of the Beasts :iconhodarinundu:HodariNundu 196 40 Draw Dinovember day 7 ~ Deinocheirus mirificus by Pterosaur-Freak Draw Dinovember day 7 ~ Deinocheirus mirificus :iconpterosaur-freak:Pterosaur-Freak 106 10 Paleo-Art: Amargosaurus by vcubestudios Paleo-Art: Amargosaurus :iconvcubestudios:vcubestudios 96 6 Paleo-Art: De-Extinction by vcubestudios Paleo-Art: De-Extinction :iconvcubestudios:vcubestudios 143 8



Medusavenator giganteus

Medusavenator is on of the most dangerous alien creatures which enter Manhattan Island,New York City in March 20,2021.It lives on a planet called Planet Guling(古灵星),a place that appears to have been untouched technology-wisedescribed,with many prehistoric creatures.The dinosaur is described as a big night heron(as big as a bike).This creatures moves in herd,attack people.They usually lay eggs in the prey's body,15 days later,the chicks will came out prey's body.
In the oringal ""Happy Heroes"series,the name of it is"Ju Mo Long"(巨魔龙),the adult lays eggs in the pumkin.

Happy Heroes is a Chinese cartoon about 5 superman,it's belong Leo Huang
The ideas comes from"Jurassic Park:The Game"and @
Dontknowwhattodraw94 's story"The Night I Saw Them"
Happy Heros OC:Natalie Kirkland(Pochi Kiseake 2)

Natalie Kirkland

Age: Born October 12,2004
        Aged 17



Biography:Natalie is a common high school student who lives with her family in Upper West side,Manhattan,New York City.
During the March 20,2021,Planet Grey(灰心星球) and Planet Scared(刀疤星球) sends differnt species of alien monsters(They do not drive the spaceship,just sending monsters) to the Earth,all of the monsters could be deadly,similar to monsters which from Stephen King's novel "The Mist" .They attack and kill that any thing moves,inclue human and other animals.
Natalie's mother Rachelle Kirkand is killed in this disaster.However,her dauther,Natalie find out that Rachelle still alive,just change into a mutant creature similar to zombie,which has two giant venomous teeth and a long tongue.
At last,Natalie escape to the Passaic,New Jersey with other survivors by an US Army Nation Guards's HMMWV armored car.



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Todday I did not go to school,because I had a cold,I am staying at home now,and I found something wrong in “QQ看点”:

What it this guy? Dontknowwhattodraw94's daeodon.It is stolen!

They also stole many ones,likes WDGHK Stolpergeist there I want to tell some important things to all the people:I 've be a theif,(according to Paleop)I don'want to let this happen again.If someone wants to use your art,please tell him ask for permission,if he don't agree to do that,please tell him that: If you copy pictures without permission,you will be a unwelcome person.


UPDATES:If your stuff is used in other people's article(Except for bad things or fake news),it is not a bad thing for you.The guy who being a “theif” just want to tell people more things about the ancient creatures.So don't be unhappy with it.Good night!


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